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Ostensibles e.V. is a theatre group that welcomes drama fanatics from all walks of life to either watch our twice yearly performances or even take an active part in the production.

The name "OSTENSIBLES" signifies something like "(the) apparent (ones)". That echoes the main goal of the group: like every theatre company, we seek to stage fictional, but plausible performances. However, the name also points to the unique feature of this amateur group: we are an Osnabrück-based English language group which puts on its productions in English  - hence, OSnabrück's Theatre in ENglish.

Our aim is to promote education and culture by means of English language amateur theatre in and around Osnabrück. The group regards itself as the civilian successor group to Osnabrück Amateur Dramatics Society (OADS) which was established in the barracks of the British Garrison in Osnabrück.

The Ostensibles work in conjunction with Haus der Jugend where we rehearse and meet. Our performances take place in the Haus der Jugend.


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