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   Last time that we met The Little Osnabridge Amateur Dramatic Society (LOADS) they were in trouble. The membership had dwindled to five – their audiences weren’t much bigger. Their chairman, Gordon, decided that there was only one thing that would sell tickets - sex. His first self-written play was rescued from total disaster by Margaret’s revealing a little bit more of herself than she had planned.

   In this sequel our hapless amateur actors are back and in as much trouble as before. Fortunately Gordon has come up with another cunning plan to rescue them again - this time with a self-written pantomime. Will our struggling luvvies succeed in captivating their audience this time round? Come and find out!

   This comedy also includes two extra interludes: “Gertrude and the Toy Boys” and “In Mrs Whatsapp’s Shop”. Don’t worry if you didn’t see the first play. We start with some “flashbacks” to help you understand what follows. 

   What is a British panto(mime)? It’s a comedy with audience participation. It isn’t a silent play performed using mime as is the case in other European countries.  There are many traditions such as the main male lead is played by a woman and the “dame” is played by a man in drag. Confused? You’ll just have to come and see us on stage. There will be more information about this British traditional entertainment in our programme.


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