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Black Comedy by Peter Schaffer 

Director: Franzi Brändle

Assistant director: Andrea Lorenzetti

Producer:  Hank Hancock

In Peter Shaffer’s fast-moving comedy Brindsley Miller, a young sculptor, and his fiancée, Carol, try to impress an millionaire art patron and thus convince Carol’s father that Brindsley would be a good catch. Unfortunately at this moment an electric power cut plunges the apartment into darkness. The stage suddenly becomes light, because the special feature of this “Black Comedy” is that light and dark are swapped round. If that wasn’t already chaotic enough, there are several visitors; an electrician with an amazing knowledge of art, Miss Furnival who, under the cover of darkness, discovers the effect of alcoholic drinks, neighbour Harold, whose antique furniture the young couple have “borrowed” without his knowledge and a surprise guest from Brindsley's past. The farce lurches towards its inevitable comic-dramatic conclusion.


Cast List

Brindsley Miller                                              Alexandre (Li) Rowan

Carol Melkett                                                Barbara Hegels

Miss Furnival                                                Andrea Lorenzetti

Colonel Melkett                                             Jürgen Buscher

Harold Gorringe                                             Robin Hilder

Schuppanzigh                                               Michael Reinemund

Clea                                                            Verena Kipp

Georg Bamberger                                           Stefan Ehrlich



Our actors during a break in rehearsing.

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