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Directed by Graham Chipperfield

Produced by Miriam Breuer

Fri 1 June 2012
Sat 2 June 2012
Tue 5 June 2012
Wed 6 June 2012

Directed by our long-time member Graham Chipperfield, RUNNING RIOT is a light-hearted comedy that will be a lot of fun for all audiences, young and old, man and woman, bottle-nosed and knock-kneed - even if your English is not perfect.

In RUNNING RIOT, a rather pathetic little Yorkshire greengrocer called Humphfrey Podmore flees to Europe in defiance of his domineering wife. After he checked in at the French hotel "L'Auberge Blanche", he finds himself involved in the Olympic Games and is mistaken for a star athlete from whom big things are expected in the 5,000 metres. As if that wasn't enough, he is also caught up in the devious world of espionage. His efforts to extricate himself from both these situations and, at the same time, to escape his devious wife, will provide plenty of scope for laughter.

Come along and enjoy an evening of har-de-har with the Ostensibles. Or as Felix, the hotel-owner, says:   

Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! We are honoured! We are thrilled!  Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!



Nicolette - Lara Lamping

Felix - Graham Chipperfield

Agnes Podmore - Tina Teuber

Basil Trent - Robert Muil

Bruchik - André Garthaus

Miss Hackett - Nadia Rashwan

Humphrey  Podmore - Stephen Swann

Pauline Maryot - Britta Nörenberg



Programme - Linda Nieuwenhoven, assisted by Miriam Breuer

Publicity - Uschi Wermelt, Sandra Delgado and Charmian Bilger

Stage Management - Miriam Breuer, Linda Nieuwenhoven and Hannah Weber

Design of Tickets, Flyers and Posters - Denise Tiefenthaler, assisted by Miriam Breuer and Janis Buß

Front of House - Susanne Ossenbeck, assisted by Ruth Muras-Wichert, Charmian Bilger

Props - Linda Nieuwenhoven, assisted by Hannah Weber

Costumes - Charmian Bilger, assisted by Hannah Weber

Make-Up and Hair - Mirjam Sander

Set - Roberta Grasseli-Schmidt, assisted by Hannah Weber, Hank Hancock

Sound - Annika Lahl, assisted by Markus Hollins

Lights - Hank Hancock

Ticket Sales - Charmian Bilger

Pictures Running Riot

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