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Directed by Marie Fontaine

Produced by Charmian Bilger

Friday 17 June 2011
Saturday 18 June 2011
Tuesday 21 June 2011
Wednesday 22 June 2011


The greatest of all Sherlock Holmes adventures finally on stage in Osnabrück!

An alltime classic adapted to a modern setting that takes literature's most spine-chilling mystery and turns it into a play of suspense, humour and ultimate terror. Sir Henry Baskerville has become heir to the vast family fortune, a legacy that comes complete with a horrifying curse - death at the fangs of a diabolical Hound prowling the English moor. Only Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson can stop the bloodthirsty beast from striking again. While the Hound terrifies the countryside and mysterious lights signal Baskerville Hall, the sleuthing begins. Suspicion falls on sinister servants, butterfly collectors, ladies in distress and escaped convicts.

Who wrote the letters that summoned the Hound? What is the significance of the prehistoric huts dotting the moor? Is Sir Henry's love with the lovely Kathy doomed? Is the supernatural at work?

Audiences will have a terrific time trying to discover the truth, and those who are familiar with Doyle's original need to prepare themselves for a surprise twist. But rest assured: When the chills and shrieks settle down, there is always a good laugh to relieve the rising tension.

Come and enjoy an evening of unearthly entertainment from start to finish that will no doubt „terrorise“ you.



Lady Agatha Mortimer - Ulla Hilterhaus

Perkins - Insa Schröder

Dr. Jane Watson - Denise Tiefenthaler

Sherlock Holmes - Robert Muil

Sir Henry Baskerville - Janis Buß

Barrymore - Markus Hollins

Mrs. Barrymore - Martina Huckschlag

Jack Stapelton - Stephen Swann

Kathy Stapelton - Michaela Binias

Laura Lyons - Tina Teuber



Producer - Charmian Bilger

Assistant Producer - Katharina Baumfeld

Stage Managers - Linda Nieuwenhoven & Wibke Paulsen

Stage Crew - Heike Beynon-Thomas, Britta Nörenberg & Uschi Wermelt

Sounds - Markus Hollins & Markus Voigt

Lighting - Ian Brace & Hank Hancock

Set design and construction - Roberta Grasselli-Schmidt, Hank Hancock, Katharina Baumfeld, Aisleen Beynon-Thomas, Linda Nieuwenhoven, Katharina Weichel & Uschi Wermelt

Props - Roberta Grasselli-Schmidt

Publicity - Uschi Wermelt

Photography - Normen Kruschat

Poster & Tickets - Janis Buß

Flyer & Programme - Katharina Weichel & Raphael Gerland (design)

Make-up & Hair - Katharina Weichel, Aisleen Beynon-Thomas, Heike Vorwald Hellmich & Christina Vink-Niese

Prompt - Charmian Bilger

Front of House - Susanne Ossenbeck, Ruth Muras-Wichart & Christina Vink-Niese

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