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Agatha Christie's masterpiece

Directed by Marie Fontaine

Produced by Britta Nörenberg

Fri 26th November 2010
Sat 27th November 2010
Tue 30th November 2010

A group of eight strangers, a snowstorm, a guest house cut off from civilisation, a series of unsolved murders, and a host of other spine-chilling elements masterfully combined to create a world of suspicion and intrigue in the world classic whodunnit, The Mousetrap. In her own inimitable style, Agatha Christie has created an atmosphere of shuddering suspense and a brilliantly intricate plot where murder lurks around every corner. As the world’s longest running play, The Mousetrap has enthralled audiences for over five decades. Now watch the ominous clues reveal themselves at Osnabrück's Haus der Jugend, but beware: nothing is what it seems...

Ostensibles present Agatha Christie's best known murder mystery, directed by Marie Fontaine and produced by Britta Nörenberg.



Dancers, Voice - Michaela Bienias, Georg Seidel

Mollie Ralston - Insa Schröder

Giles Ralston - Marcus Küdde

Christopher Wren - Janis Buß

Mrs Boyle - Ursula Hilterhaus

Major Metcalf - Andre Garthaus

Miss Casewell - Denise Tiefenthaler

Paravicini - Graham Chipperfield

Sergeant Trotter - Robert Muil



directed by - Marie Fontaine

produced by - Britta Nörenberg

Assistant Producer - Tina Teuber

Stage Manager - Anja Winkler

Stage Crew - Katharina Weichel, Tina Teuber, Klaus Zaeper, Ursula Wermelt, Robert Grasselli-Schmidt

Costumes - Christina Vink-Niese, Kimberly Engelking

Make-up & Hair - Marion Schnier, Heike Hellmich, Renate Ihmels

Lights - Hank Hancock, David Hosni, Ian Brace

Sounds - Markus Hollins, Hank Hancock

Set Design & Construction - Hank Hancock, Roberta Grasselli-Schmidt, Markus Hollins

Props, Prompts - Roberta Grasselli-Schmidt, Charmian Bilger

PR, Web Admin, Programme - Janis Buß

Photos - Andre Garthaus

Front of House - Susanne Ossenbeck, Ruth Muras-Wichert et al

Poster - Janis Buß, Manuela Schütze

Ticket Sales, Girl Friday - Charmian Bilger


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